Nettex Calf Colostrum Gold is freeze dried whole colostrum ensuring it maintains high levels of colostral fat, the best source of energy for the new born calves. #ColostrumIsGold

Here's a testimonial from a previous attendee. "An excellent course - well worth both the time and money with a good mix of classroom & practical hands-on sessions.Suitable for both beginner & experienced shepherds. Strongly recommended".
#lambing19 #colostrumisgold #teamsheep

Sheep mammary gland in late pregnancy. The cells forming the circles are mammary epithelial cells - little synthetic "powerhouses" primed and ready to go. The pink material in the spaces formed by the cells is their secretory product - #ColostrumIsGold! #teamsheep

Every lamb needs 100ml of colostrum per kg of bodyweight in the first 4 hours, and a total of 200ml/kg bodyweight before the end of its first day of life. #ColostrumIsGold @RUMA_UK #lambing19

Get your ewe nutrition right to ensure they can produce quality colostrum, to help rear healthy lambs. For further advice talk to our nutritional advisors today to get advice: #ColostrumIsGold #EweEnergy

Many suckler cows do not get enough protein or energy as they near calving. Ask your vet to test your cows #ColostrumisGold

Listen to our webinar on top tips for the early hours: looking after a new born calf #ColostrumIsGold

Watch out for ewe lambs producing insufficient colostrum that is of poorer quality - ensure a source of frozen colostrum or alternative colostrum replacer is available to supplement #ColostrumIsGold @RUMA_UK #lambing19

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