Looking forward to speaking on @RUMA_UK principles & #planpreventprotect at
#BCVACongress2019 today
See you there #teamsheep
Will definitely aim to say #colostrumisgold #VaccinesWork & #everylambcounts at least once each!

THE COUNTDOWN HAS BEGUN! The @FW_Awards are next week and we are very proud of our sheep expert @Em_the_SheepVet who is a Livestock Advisor of the Year finalist! It's not hard to see why 👍 Good luck to all the finalists of the @FW_Awards🍀 #teamsheep #livestock #colostrumisgold


{editor} 2019 Farmers Weekly Awards: Livestock Adviser of the Year finalists https://t.co/88Pmn2Y9ud

1st time heifer delivered bull calf, some vet assistance- presented hind feet first!

Good to see heifer up & attending to calf within minutes of birth

Both will now be monitored to ensure the calf gets adequate colostrum in next 6 hours #colostrumisgold #teambeef #teamvet🍼🍼

It’s great when a plan comes together. Three weeks ago this farm was struggling with colostrum management. Couple of tweeks on hygiene + attention to detail. Now they are flying. Love it when a plan comes together! #colostrumisgold #measuretomanage

Thank you to Kate Phillips for an informative and engaging evening talking sheep nutrition throughout the year at our pre-tupping farmer meeting.#bodyconditionscore #flockclub #sheep365 #colostrumisgold #XLVets Thank you to our sponsor ⁦@MSDAnimalHealth⁩

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